Richard Dawkins The God Delusion: A Theist Response by Ian McCoy

Richard Dawkins The God Delusion: A Theist Response

By Ian McCoy

  • Release Date: 2012-11-17
  • Genre: Philosophy
Score: 2
From 108 Ratings
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In this interesting piece; the author argues that Richard Dawkins has failed in his attempts to put a good rational argument for atheism.
The professor uses the rather feeble approach of setting up straw men only to dismantle them with great relish. These repeated mischaracterizations of faith do the atheist camp no favours. All it does is betray a vitriolic personal agenda.

It is argued that The God delusion has helped to perpetuate two major modern myths. First that religion and science contradict each other and second that Theists are unthinking drones. If Aristotle, Augustine, Plotinus, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Einstein, Collins and thousands of other genius's are unthinking drones -this would make Richard Dawkins intelligence amoeba like.

A rational case for Theism is proposed.


  • Dawkins the Evangelical Atheist

    By Spelltor phrase master
    Dawkins the Evangelical Atheist what a pile of trash. I read this in hopes of finally hearing an actual evidence based argument for Atheism. What I actually got was another dogmatic sermon from the right Reverend Dawkins filled with the same "Sky hooks" and magical thinking he accuses theists of using, followed by just the right amount of fear, guilt and shame. What? You may be asking, for example: he uses math to show the statistical improbability of God through an analysis of highly improbable things like the Universe, Life and Intelligent Life having such fantastical odds against their probable existence as to altogether rule out a "Creator"; 1. It's math please show your work, explaining what the equation means with out showing the equations action, is CHEATING. 2. Your hypothesis is contradicted by your evidence. The math in your explanation starts at, the odds of the universe existing are astronomically against and it shouldn't exist, but for the minor fact that it does. Then building from there we get ridiculous odds against life in that universe, except once again it exists, then with odds so against Life's development of Intelligence being so fantastic, the only thing standing between it and the mathematical certainty of it's impossibility once more is that it does indeed exist. If the evidence of life's existence is in such conflict with the result of your analysis, perhaps your method is insufficient, honestly, it seems more probable your premise is wrong, admit it and start again. 3. The argument I had such great hope for left me feeling more like a 3 day lecture series of 'smarter people than you dear reader have done this math, you can't possible understand so let me explain it for your simple minds' so disappointing.
  • Nothing of significance here

    By gomer43
    This book reads like a review, not at all a rational case for theism. There are indeed no arguments for theism, simply insults hurled at Professor Dawkins. Completely irrational and clearly not worth the price (which is free).
  • ?

    By Tigeran24 is my game tag
    Is this book pro religious or pro atheist
  • Was hoping for more

    By F61wolf
    The author made valid points about Dawkins' militant ideas, but appeared reluctant to offer much of a detailed defense. Multiple times he claims in one form or another that Dawkins doesn't "understand"...well feel free to enlighten us before jumping to your next point!
  • Argument by assertion -- taken to the extreme.

    By Nimbleswitch
    If you doubt Dawkins has religious zealots pegged, read this book. All such doubts will be removed.
  • Awful

    By chrisdeedee
    Provides no evidence and is just terrible. The person writing this was probably stoned. The man writing this was a lunatic who thinks he can read minds through God. Even a mindless Christian would think that's crazy.
  • Total Junk...

    By ahboaz
    Waste of time and space, this book does nothing but mark the target around the arrow planted deeply in the trunk of theistic belief. The author does not hesitate to barb Dawkins but embarassingly plasters religious belief with intuitive and nonsensical defenses. This book belongs to a different section - not a textbook by any means.
  • Yawn

    By Emeraldhavok
    Typical theist apologetics. If you've been involved in the discussion for a while, it's nothing you haven't read before. Interestingly enough, this author also wrote books on "how to be a mentalist". Those were far more interesting.
  • Heard this a million times

    By PiersonD2291
    You know those people who use the bible to "prove" other things in the bible? It's like trying to explain the definition of the word 'significant' why saying it's the opposite of insignificant. If you want to prove a point, you have to do it like you would in a scientific experiment. All other points being accepted, pointing towards yours, proving it to be true. Have you ever seen that Allstate commercial where the lady says everything on the internet is true because that's what they heard on the internet? This whole "response" might as well be considered null and void.
  • Christian Surgeon

    By None3717
    Rev. McCoy presents a cogent and succinct rebuttal to professor Dawkins that i can categorically agree with. Sadly he relies on one mechanism, if not ploy, in the service of some standing of credibility referring to “American Christians’ and his (sic) disdain for them, as Dawkins has, as though this gives him credence with the reasonable wing of believers. Pastor, this is an unbecoming use of a broad brush to add nothing to your argument and an easy way to be dismissed by the very Christians who may need your clear reason to congeal their scientific apologetics and rise to defend the faith reasonable, as I’m sure you would desire. Rev. McCoy: Please consider a revised edition sans such slurs. Being one of those “American Christians”, a resident of the much-maligned “Bible Belt”, a physician and surgeon, I would urge you to “recant” this little bit.